Hiring Female Close Protection Officers

There are many females who want to work in the field of protection. There is a trend in hiring female close protection officers for the companies and individuals that need them. The reason for this is because females are seen as more approachable, trustworthy, and less threatening than men. Female close protection officers are not common in the industry, but for some reason, that is beginning to change. Female close protection officers are often hired because they are more understanding to the needs of their clients and can understand emotional responses better than men. Female Close Protection Officers are a safer alternative to male CPOs because they are not directly responsible for the protection of the individual. They are trusted members of the staff that do not provide direct physical protection, but rather support the guards that do. The founder of a security company in Poland is hiring female close protection officers. He says that previous members of his team were only able to protect the client when they could be physically present, but they were unable to protect the client if they were not left alone with her. read more