Tips to Progress and Win in AFK Arena on computer

AFK Arena is misleadingly basic: it baits you in with the pre-tense of easy-going, carefree fun, however heartlessly yanks the floor covering from underneath your feet when you arrive at the most troublesome stages. For a game that for the most part plays itself, it’s very hard to advance through its levels. Nonetheless, today you will know how, with a couple of little changes, you can transform your group into an authentic powerhouse. 

Automate your Progression 

What better approach to accelerate your victories than by having the game play itself? 

AFK Arena is, generally, a game that rotates around auto-play. In any case, this component is as yet restricted by the way that each time you clear a stage, you generally need to complete a few clicks to progress to the following stage. 

Save Your Best Skills 

Regardless of flaunting an incredible auto-battle mode, the AI in AFK Arena isn’t extremely savvy and doesn’t regularly make use of your legend’s spells in the most ideal manner. In this sense, you may see your units blow their mending spells when you have full HP, or neglect to deploy shields in anticipation for a solid enemy attack. On these events, it’s smarter to just handicap auto-battle and assume control over issue. By specifically controlling your abilities, you can respond to the circumstance as needs be and settle on the choices that the AI would for the most part jumble up. 

To improve your outcomes, make a point to make use of an appropriate control plot that permits you to release the correct capacities, at the ideal time. 

Positioning is everything 

Stuck on an intense level? Think that your units are excessively powerless? The answer for these issues may be simpler than you might suspect! 

The first thing that strikes a chord in quite a while to improving in these games is, without a doubt, leveling up and updating your characters. In any case, this arrangement isn’t generally attainable, particularly in later levels where a solitary overhaul can cost long periods of cultivating and granulating. If so, this arrangement may wind up setting you back more than what the battle is worth. In any case, in case you’re stuck on a level, a decent option may be to just move your units around to see which development is the most appropriate for the test 

Your arrangement in AFK Arena can enormously improve or diminish your exhibition in battle, paying little mind to your battle power. In this sense, by embracing a suitable development, you can basically beat levels that are essentially over your battle power. 

In such manner, it’s consistently imperative to remember the capacities of every unit. For instance, Mirael can release a fiery Phoenix that harms all that it contacts. If you position her in the back column, her spells can harm all foes which, particularly, when you update her, can crush the enemy development. Essentially, your development additionally figures out which units will get attacked first. By putting tanks on the first line, not exclusively will they get attacked first, yet they will likewise access their definitive abilities almost immediately, which is amazing for heroes that can deploy supportive capacities.