PGAnabolics Steroids: Which Ones Are Legal and Safe In Canada?

PGAnabolics  Steroids – the hormones that enable humans to build muscle and pack on size. Steroids are often abused in athletics and sports as a way to increase performance levels, but they can also be used by individuals who want to be stronger or lose weight. Unfortunately, steroid abuse can lead to serious problems like heart damage later in life.  In Canada, most PGAnabolics Steroids are legal until they are abused, misused or the person taking them has a medical disorder that requires treatment with steroids. After that, they become controlled substances and not legal to sell. The following list is a general guide of which drugs are safe in Canada: Steroids vary greatly across their effects. Many individuals use PGAnabolics Steroids to help their performance, improve their body, or build muscle mass and strength. Steroids are often sold as dietary supplements. However, some types of steroids like testosterone are strictly regulated by law in Canada. This means that they are illegal without a prescription or medical supervision. Other steroids such as anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) are legal with a prescription. In general, AAS have a range of side effects and is advised for individuals who suffer from certain medical conditions like prostate cancer. read more