Comedies You Can really Laugh On

What is your favorite thing to laugh about? About the situation comedy in “Toni Erdmann”, about militant do-gooders and right-wing idiots in “Willkommen bei den Hartmanns” or about a sense of humor that is stronger than death in “Der heilste Tag”? We have put together the funniest films of all time for all tastes and put them into different categories, from slapstick to romantic comedy. Have fun as you watch 123movies tv and find the best comedy films from around the world.

Weird to roar

You can’t always brood over the great problems of humanity like the disappearance of socks in the washing machine. Sometimes you just need senseless comedy.

The Knights of the Coconut (GB 1975)

Not that the comedian troupe Monty Python has not caused a lot of absurdity, the German synchro also fires the thigh-tapping: “Schiller already said: He will come through these cold pants.”

Borat (USA 2006)

The Kazakh provincial macho Borat hates Jews and shoots dogs. Nevertheless, he grows dear to our hearts on his journey through the USA. Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen shows that real US citizens are hardly better.

A gift is still too expensive (USA 1986)

Walter and Anna purchase a very cheap villa and can hardly wait to move in. As soon as you step in, the door flies off its hinges .and that was just the beginning. Very amusing.

Superbad (USA 2007)

There are dozens of teen comedies with bawdy slogans about drinking and lying flat. You can find all of that here too. But this one also has believable outsider characters. Respect.

Hangover (USA 2009)

Todd Phillips peppered the most chaotic bachelorette party in film history with glaring situation comedy and adolescent jokes.

Bridal Alert (USA 2011)

Women are more sensitive than men? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that. No gag, no matter how tasteless, is avoided here. Clever ideas, wrong tracks, surprising turns of phrase: comedies with brains appeal to the brain and diaphragm.

Hellzapoppin ‘ (USA 1941)

A whole dance group bangs into the air, and then falls down through a sea of flames. And that’s just the opening credits! The fast-paced madness of a film about a film about a Broadway play defies logic. Astray well.

Spring for Hitler (USA 1967)

“I’m probably the only Jew who made a lot of money with Hitler,” says Mel Brooks. In his comedy, a producer wants to screw up a Nazi revue. But it will be a success. Like the title song “Springtime for Hitler”, the ZDF satirist Jan Böhmermann inspired to “Spring for Frauke”.

The Specter of Freedom (Fri / I 1974)

Action, which action? Luis Buñuel confidently defies all the rules of realistic filming. He strings together scenes that combine to form a psychogram of the bourgeoisie primed with black humor. Legendary: the reception where the guests sit in the toilets and instead of eating together, do the opposite.

And Groundhog Day (USA 1993)

What if a day repeats itself over and over again? The comedy with Bill Murray skilfully plays through the theme in ever new variations. May be repeated again and again on TV.

Hail, Caesar! (USA 2016)

Insane story of the Coen brothers about Hollywood in the 1950s with a Russian submarine that appears off the coast, and Herbert Marcuse as the chief ideologist of the scriptwriters: hilarious.